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Problem, solution & mani


We see a lot when we move around our world. When you want to communicate about what you see within your reach, it is messy. Communication channels that would be efficient are expensive to use. The inefficient channels are challenging in its capture & delivery. 

When communication is a hassle, such thoughts or ideas are lost. 

When thoughts arise - the message should point at the exact spot, within your reach. It should be like - you are finger pointing at that spot in case if your intended audience is close by. Even when doing so, your communication is not recorded for exact reproduction. If they are not close by, there is a lack of location context, absence in guidance, etc. 

Only thoughts or ideas with incentives are communicated. The rest are lost or miscommunicated. 

Current Tools

  1. RCS messaging  

    • ​Text message

    • Audio message

    • Picture message

  2. Internet Protocol Communication (or) live phone call  

    • ​Audio call 

    • Video Call 

  3. Sticky notes 

  4. Brochures 

  5. Human to Human 

Requirements for new world

Let’s say that you walk around the world & have thought about something within touching distance. Your message must be communicated together with what you are viewing. Time taken to create that message should be no longer than stopping to say 'hi' for anyone. Anyone you intend, should be finger pointed to the spot - to reveal your messages. 

In doing so, your communication is effective. You do not have to schedule time, think whether you communicated the exact spot in that location, give directions, or let anyone know what you said about that spot. You do not have to think about that thought again. It is recorded, delivered & communicated effectively. 


In relation to your message, point your phone camera to that spot in your surroundings. Stick your message using words, images, or your own voice - like a sticky note. Using geolocation, anyone can be guided to that location. Also using the camera, finger point to position your audience in that location. Then reveal the message. 


As the camera is being moved, map the surroundings & record the geolocation values. Let users record their thought as a tweet or as an image from their photo app. Using their body movement, place notes directly in front of them. Users can exit when they are done recording the thoughts. Hence, the time taken to record their thoughts is as little as the time taken to tweet or choose an image from their photo album. Using the data from the device sensors, camera & geolocation values - anyone can be guided to exactly how you were at that time. Using that data, your messages can also be revealed like sticky notes. 

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