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Naming your creation

Deciding a name for your creation, is quite important. Let the name be like a title of a book. It would be a reference for both the sender & the receiver, when sharing.

When you start creating

Make sure you decide on the starting point before you initiate creating. mani would create a snapshot. That snapshot will be a reference for people to position.

Mapping the environment

When you start creating, mani wakes up to understand your environment. As it's learning about your environment, mapping would have started. While it is mapping organically, it would resolve to one of the below three states,

  1. It would have mapped completely.

  2. It would have mapped in a limited fashion.

  3. It would not have mapped enough.

If mani has not mapped enough, it gets into confusion. When mani gets confused, it aborts all operations to focus on mapping. It would visually communicate with you, as well.

When you map the environment, bring the Bob Ross in you. You work through the canvas before getting into finer details.

Placing notes

Placing notes is the easiest part. Once mani has mapped what it sees, you can start placing notes. You place as many as you like. The notes could be of text or images from your photo gallery. You place them right in front of you & it just stays where it should be.

Editing Notes

Pointing your device at the placed digital notes, would give you editing options. You can delete, re-position and pinch to re-size them. It is pretty cool.

Just exit when you're done creating. Your creation will be saved automatically.

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